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Buddy Hitchcock, SAMS® AMS®
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Services We Provide

There are several type of surveys and inspections that can be completed. They depend entirely upon the needs involved and what may be required by different institutions or individuals.

The most common surveys include:

Pre Purchase
  • This is the most comprehensive and thorough survey. It is designed to help the buyer make an informed decision based on the condition of the vessels structural elements, and mechanical systems, as well as the remainder of the ships systems.
  • This survey almost always requires a haul-out so that the underwater portions of the hull as well as the running gear can be inspected. When the vessel is back in the water the survey is generally concluded with a Sea Trial. The vessels engines, ships systems, sails and sailing hardware if applicable are operated both at the dock and while underway.
  • Further inspection of the interior of the vessel is completed to ensure that the structural members including stringers, bulkheads and cabinetry are in good condition with no obvious damage and no discrepancies as related to the appropriate standards and regulations.
Insurance Survey
  • This survey is designed to allow the Insurance Company to understand the condition and the value of the vessel as it sits the day of the survey. It still touches on the structural components of the vessel where they are able to be viewed.
  • The vessel may or may not be hauled depending on the requirement of the Insurance Company.
  • A Sea Trial is typically not conducted.
  • Not all ships systems are operated, however they are visually inspected where possible.
  • The safety gear and general overall condition is commented upon.
Financial Survey
  • The Financial Survey is similar in extent to the Insurance Survey. The same items are covered but the survey is geared more towards the value of the vessel as needed by the individual Financial Institution.
Damage Survey
  • This survey is normally conducted after a vessel has been damaged and the boat owner wants an independent assessment of the damage, to compare with those done by his insurance company or a third party's surveyor. This helps the owner of the vessel in discussions with his insurance company.
  • We are also able to consult with the owner and the insurance company to ensure that the owners interests are met.
  • We are also available to ensure that when repairs are done they meet the requirements of ABYC, the U.S. Coast Guard, and any other applicable agency.
General Consultation:

I often get calls from folks asking which boat they should purchase when they are looking at multiple choices. I am happy to discuss what type of vessel is best suited to their individual needs, whether for family use, fishing or cruising plans.

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